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Dear Project Mentor Development Council Inc.
Thank you for providing such a valuable service to the community. I love what your doing with our youth, it is long overdue.   My daughter is so excited about Project Mentor DC, that she can't wait until Saturdays for your Dancers with Dreams Classes, I will recommend you and your team to all my family and friends. Again, thank you for your commitment to our children.

Brooklyn, NY

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Because I was a part of Project Mentor Development Council's Drama Program and starred in the lead role of the production The Wizard of Odds, Written and Directed by Ms. Cochran, I had the confidence to audition for for a high school that specialized in the Arts and I was accepted.  I owe Project Mentor DC my sincere gratitude for helping me find my passion.

Brooklyn, NY

Dear Project Mentor DC
I started attending Project Mentor Dev Council's Tuesdays Tutoring Program and I am already feeling better about my math skills my tutor is very smart and she helped me to understand somethings I just could not understand at school.  I am so happy that I go to the tutoring class and guess what, I think I aced my math test today.

Signed: a math wizard in progress
Brooklyn, NY


Dear Project Mentor Development Council
Project Mentor's Dancers with Dreams has truly been a blessing to my family.  My daughter Tatianna has truly grown and learned to express herself in a non judgmentally environment, she loves being a part of PMDC's Dancers with Dreams.

A Parent

Brooklyn, NY


Dear Kids @ PMDC
These past 3 years have truly been a blessing, I am the founder and director of Project Mentor Development Council and I am honored to work with our youth, while it can sometimes be challenging it is worth it and you receive back from them more than you can ever give, This is my calling and I am loving it!

Claudia Cochran

Brooklyn, NY