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Who Are We?

Claudia Cochran

Claudia Cochran

Claudia Cochran, 

Executive Director/CEO at Project Mentor Development Council Inc.
Attended New York City Community College for Liberal Arts. Later in 1980 I attended Adelphi Institute for their Executive Secretary Program. I then went through some of my liefs most devastating years with the death of my common law husband of 6 years and two weeks later the death of our one year old daughter. It was with much needed prayer and the love of my family that I made it through, Praise God. In 2000 I began my journey back to life.   I took my new passion for life, my appreciation and the wisdom I gained during those trying times and claimed Life again. In 2002 I started  working for the Department of Education as a Parent Coordinator, a position I felt God created just for me. During my 91/2 wonderful and empowering years at PS/IS 73K I discovered my passion for creative arts and how it had the power to transform the lives of our kids and families. In addition to my position  I was the Senior Class Activity Coordinator, I started the Voices of Ocean-hill Choir and  I wrote and directed a stage production called the "Wizard of Odds" showing students that no matter what they felt were the odds being stacked against them, that they could still be successful, because when preparation meets opportunity they would be successful. My message to the parents  is summarized in the statement "when life gives you lemons, turn it into lemon aide and keep it moving forward.  In 2011 I  attended Medgar  Evers College for their Certificate Program In How to run a non-Profit Organization and began to build Project Mentor Development Council Inc. Built my Board of Directors and filed for our 501 (c) (3) non-profit status. Here we are today building an empire for the King's Kids, that's boys and girls all across Brooklyn, NY and loving every bit of it.  

My personal mission is, to motivate, mentor and inspire others. I believe;

1. Every child has the potential to be great! given the opportunity and the  resources

2. In the old African proverb that states, it takes a village to raise a child

3. Everyone has a purpose in life

4. What you give thought to, you give power to- so watch your words, because they have power!  and remember thoughts are words unspoken.

From the Heart!


Purpose Driven and Powerful!, Claudia Cochran

Marion Hicks

  Marion Hicks
Board of Directors
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Marion Hicks, has been a loyal and dedicated member of the child care community for the last 30 years. Upon her graduation form Clara Barton High School in Brooklyn NY she attended New York City Community College where she studied early childhood development....

Claudia M. Cochran-Ortiz

Claudia M. Cochran-Ortiz
Artistic Creator Founding Member

Claudia M. Cochran-Ortiz

Artistic Director of Dancers with Dreams

Claudia had a passion for dance since her early years of classes with Radical Deliverance Praise Dance Co. under the leadership of Ms. Robin Valentine at the age of 7. She later studied with   Ms. Dominique Goodwin.   She continues to chase her dream of becoming a owner operator of her very own dance school.  Currently she is studying dance at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Downtown Brooklyn. She is a very nurturing and loving teacher and her children are growing into beautiful and powerful dancers. She teaches  age appropriate routines for the kids.

  Dancers with Dreams was created to keep students focused on their dreams and aspirations  They're more than dancers, they're dancers with dreams and future doctors, teachers, police officers, singers, veterinarians, dermatologist and so much more. We use dance as the catalyst to connect our children to their  dreams and aspiration because they are never too young.  Dance has a way of keeping our children focused and that's what its all about. We live in a society that is so filled with negative energy  so we combat that energy with positive reinforcement. We give them something positive to think about.  We hold monthly workshops with our kids where we work with them on their dream boards, identifying their strengths and weak areas and developing a strategy to build up in those weak areas.  In closing, They're more than dancers they're our dancers with dreams.


Dancer with a Dream

Claudia M. Cochran-Ortiz

Christopher Nicholson Chairperson
Board of Directors

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Jennie Rodriguez
Board of Director, Secretary

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